Aircraft & Returns


We aim to address all orders aural 48 hours of receiving. If a aircraft adjournment exists we will acquaint you as anon as possible. Our aircraft canicule are Monday - Friday. 

Orders are alien via UPS. Aircraft is chargeless for orders over $25 (post discount) and $4.99 for orders beneath $25.


Teomanpano provides refunds alone for defective products purchased anon from our website:  If you purchased one of our articles from a retailer, you charge acknowledgment the artefact to the banker (not to us) accountable to the agreement and altitude of the retailer’s acquittance policy. Teomanpano has the sole and absolute appropriate to actuate if a artefact is defective. If a artefact is accounted by Teomanpano to be defective, Teomanpano will acquittance the acquirement bulk to the acclaim agenda on file. If the artefact was purchased with a allowance card, Teomanpano will affair a Teomanpano allowance agenda in the bulk of the acquirement bulk . Accessory accident to packaging is not advised "defective."

How continued do I accept to appeal a refund?

You accept fourteen (14) canicule from the date your artefact is delivered to appeal a refund.  Afterwards that, Teomanpano will not action a acquittance request.

How do I appeal a refund?

Please alarm chump account in the U.S. at 1 (801) 226-9557 for assistance.  Amuse accept your adjustment cardinal and the acclaim agenda or allowance agenda you acclimated to accomplish your acquirement handy.

How is my acquittance credited?

All refunds will be accustomed to the acclaim agenda you acclimated to acquirement the product.  Back abiding a gift, you'll accept your acquittance on a Teomanpano allowance card.

Items Alternate by Mail:  If you ordered by acclaim card, we'll acclaim your annual aural 14 business canicule of our cancellation of your return.  This will appearance on your abutting statement, depending on the arising coffer and/or announcement cycle.  If you paid with a allowance card, we'll accelerate you a Teomanpano Allowance Agenda by U.S. Mail.

Shipping Charges:  Unfortunately, we cannot acquittance aircraft charges.