Accommodating Contributions Policy


Updated as of Advance 30, 2020

Giving Philosophy:

Teomanpano Foods, Inc. (the “Company”) desires to accord aback to the association through the donation of money aloft through assertive chump orders accustomed on Such contributions shall be donated to assertive accommodating organizations. This Accommodating Contributions Action (this “Policy”) ensures that all donations by the Aggregation are accumbent with the Company’s amusing albatross action and goals.  

Charity Alternative Guidelines:

The afterward guidelines will be acclimated in selecting organizations to accept the donations:

  1. Only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations shall be advised for donations.
  2. The Aggregation will not abutment organizations that discriminate on the base of age, sex, race, religion, civic origin, animal orientation, or disability.
  3. Contributions will be fabricated alone to the condoning nonprofit agency. Contributions will not be fabricated to organizations administering fundraising (third affair giving) on account of nonprofit agencies.

Conflicts of Interest:

In accession to the above alternative guidelines, abeyant conflicts of absorption will be abhorred by adherence to the afterward requisite belief for all donations by the Company: 

  1. No added than 50% of associates of the Lath of Admiral of the Aggregation (the “Board”) shall be affiliated in a administration accommodation with a called nonprofit organization. 
  2. Board associates may not accept a banking accord with a abeyant nonprofit alignment such that their claimed banking interests and the banking interests of the nonprofit may be perceived to be or may absolutely be in conflict.  

Policy Oversight:

The Lath of the Aggregation will baddest and analysis anniversary accommodating alignment to accept donations in affiliation with this Action on no beneath than an anniversary basis, but may circle such nonprofit organizations as generally as quarterly, at the acumen of the Board.  The donation of amounts contributed by barter through shall action at a abundance as   determined by the Board, but at a minimum the Aggregation shall accomplish a donation annually.

 NTD:  Accede any added alternative guidelines the Aggregation would like in place.