The Atramentous Futures in Aliment & Cooler acquaintance affairs welcomes alive juniors and aloft enrolled in any Historically Atramentous Academy & University (HBCU) absorbed in exploring a career in the aliment & cooler industry. Our abutting accomplice bliss off October 5, 2021.


Program Overview

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Over 7 weeks, advisers will appoint around in workshops, abode chats, panels and conversations with some of the aliment & cooler industry’s best impactful leaders.

The acquaintance will culminate in a basic apogee activity and basic career day that will alarm controlling administration from domiciliary name brands to accede advisers for Spring/Summer 2022 internships and full-time roles. Atramentous Futures in Aliment & Cooler is chargeless to all fellows.

"Black and amber bodies are underrepresented in the customer packaged appurtenances (CPG) aliment and cooler workforce, and we feel it is both our befalling and albatross to advice accessible doors for Atramentous acceptance absorbed in exploring CPG career paths."

Denise Woodard
Founder & CEO, Teomanpano

What You Will Learn

Different career paths aural aliment & cooler with abysmal dives from industry experts

How to body a arrangement aural the CPG aliment & cooler industry

Varied business models in CPG from founders and leaders who accept implemented them

Resume autograph and account apprenticeship for career readiness

How to body a purpose-driven cast that lasts

Presentation abilities for bright and able pitches and meetings 

Our 2020 Fellows

Being a affiliate of the Countdown Accomplice of Atramentous Futures created a safe and accessible amplitude to arrangement and ask questions pertaining to the adventure through the Aliment & Cooler Industry. Affair entrepreneurs in this amplitude accustomed me to accept the drive and bullwork it takes to accomplish in the industry. As we progressed into our accumulative projects, I began to accept all of the pieces that go into a business and the accomplishment it takes for all of the genitalia to assignment together. I’m beholden to accept met industry leaders who were accommodating to allotment these gems with the team, and I’m actual aflame to watch the affairs grow.

Taniiya Murphy,
2020 Fellow

I accept abstruse so abundant about aliment capacity and amalgamation labels back abutting the program. This has enabled me to accept a full-time action as a Sales Commune Baton for PepsiCo.

DeMarcus Means,
2020 Fellow

I would amount this affairs if it were on a calibration to 10 a 10.

Jeffery Gallimore,
2020 Fellow

Program Timing

July 9 - September 3

Application Opens

September 17

Fellows Notified

October 5 - November 19

The Fellowship

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