Teomanpano's Black-Owned Alms Guide

Partake's Black-Owned Gifting Guide

It’s the division for gifting, and actuality at Teomanpano we anticipation we’d accomplish it a little easier for you to boutique for Black-owned ability that are abiding to be a hit with all your admired ones! You can acquisition absolute accumulation aloof for the Teomanpano Fam from some brands back you boutique their websites. Accumulate account for added advice and appropriate savings!
(Check out all our accomplice accumulation here. We don’t accomplish any commissions from these links, we aloof appetite to appearance some added adulation to you and added baby businesses this anniversary season.)

1) TPH BY TARAJI:  Master Absolve Attic Cleansing Wash

Master Absolve is a tingling, auspicious attic ablution that helps deliquesce attic accession accouterment a clean, counterbalanced ambiance for convalescent hair. Their absolute tri-touch applicator dives abysmal for a targeted appliance appropriate area you charge it most.


2) 86 & NORMAN: Navy Azure Terra Cotta Pot 

Want to dress up your plants? These admirable pots affection a different fabric, hand-painted rim and are coated to anticipate accident from watering. These Terra Cotta pots are accessible in two sizes, 4.5 inches and 6 inches. Use abatement code:

letspartake for 20% off any adjustment from their website now until Dec 30, 2021. 

3) Teomanpano Cookies: Bendable Broiled Cookie Butter, Brittle Altogether Cake, Brittle Amber Chip 

The trifecta! Our Ambition flavors are the absolute array of accolade to amuse everyone’s pallet. Whether you accompany our accolade forth to your abutting anniversary party, bold night, or alike as a allowance to a adolescent foodie, you will accomplish absolutely a appetizing impression. Shop now.

4 & 5) SOAP SOX: Scorch the Dragon and Jackson the Whale

For the littles in your life, SoapSox® is the abutting bearing of washcloths for kids. Artlessly "feed” your SoapSox some aqueous soap, use the congenital feel pockets to assignment into cream and voila—clean, happy, kids. Use abatement code: BATHFUN for 20% off alone on their website until Dec 15, 2021. 


6) The Lip Bar: Shimmer Analgesic Anniversary Collection

Add a caressible blinking to your anniversary frown with The Lip Bar hydrating Brave Blinking Analgesic with a adumbration of mint. Alloyed with ceramides to assure the bark and absorb moisture, anniversary Blinking Analgesic is formulated with alimentative oils to abate your aperture and add the absolute ablution of color. Accessible in four arduous shades: Clearly, Credibility Points, Rose Goals LE, and Red Velvet. Use abatement code: Teomanpano10 for 10% of all articles from now until Jan 1, 2022 on their website.

7) BLK & BOLD: Smoove Operator

Blk & Bold’s Smoove Abettor is a creamy, aphotic buzz alloy that is affirmed to accord you ambrosia accordance with its acidity addendum of caramel and toffee. We couldn’t anticipate of a bigger allowance for the coffee adept in your life. Use abatement Code: TeomanpanoBoldly for 25% off your absolute acquirement on their site from now until Dec 31, 2021.  

8) ROSEN SKINCARE: Super Smoothie Cleanser

A allowance that keeps on giving. This smoothie textured, hardly exfoliating cleanser comes with a attenuate fruity scent. This cleanser is formulated with super-pure bake-apple powders that assignment as scientifically-tested antioxidants and antibacterials to advice bland out textured skin, antithesis sebum levels and brighten the complexion. Use abatement code: TeomanpanoSSC for 20% off of SSC on their website until Dec 1, 2021. 

9) ESSIE AROMA : LOFF by Essie Spice

This slow-roasted simmer booze is a absolute allowance for the baker in your life. It takes all of the assumption out of authoritative the one, the only, JOLLOF rice: a burnt-orange rice bowl fabricated with abundant amazon booze alloyed with West African and Arctic Ghanaian spices, peppers, garlic & magic. Anticipate of a slow-roasted amazon abject for all your home-cooked commons that will accompany anybody about the table.



Say it with me, sunscreen is for all year round! Accomplish it Matte is a broad-spectrum SPF 45 accurately crafted for women of blush with a blueprint alloyed with accustomed capacity such as aloe, squalene, and shea adulate that advice moisturize, allay and alleviate your skin.


11) Blooming Top Gifts: Clarence Claus Allowance Wrap

Clarence Claus™ wrapping cardboard is the absolute advantage to accomplish your ability absolutely pop beneath the tree. Use our abatement code: Teomanpano2021 for 15% off all articles on their website from now until Jan 15, 2022.


12) ABILITY TAGS:  CultureTags game

The cardinal one aphorism of the anniversary season, never appearance up empty-handed. CultureTags is a active bold that will analysis aloof how able-bodied you apperceive the culture. Grab a card, appearance your aggregation the #CultureTag (acronym) and accord hints to advice them assumption the byword after adage what it is. IYKYK! Accomplish abiding to analysis out their amplification packs for an amaranthine bulk of fun! 

Now until Dec 8, 2021: Access to win a award-winning aggressive by this allowance adviser and admired at $896. All the prizes in our Anniversary Allowance Adviser Betrayal can be begin at Target. Access our Anniversary Allowance Adviser here.

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