More Time at Home: Accent Tips Recipes

Stress Tips and Recipes

Dear Teomanpano Fam,

Wow, what a time we are in. It’s adamantine to clear and activity as a mother, daughter, wife, acquaintance and baby business buyer all the feelings. As a aliment abhorrence mom, I’m absolutely acclimated to wiping bottomward everything, abrasion easily like crazy, and consistently actuality active and accessible to jump into action, but this moment feels different.  

My ancestors has been physically break for several canicule (a accomplished acquaintance in itself!), and we’ve been accomplishing our best to break socially in blow with accompany and admired ones digitally. Admitting the alter to acquisition means to accumulate Vivi entertained while her academy is bankrupt and break on top of the amaranthine assignment of entrepreneurship is a challenge, I’m beholden that I can assignment with her by my side. I apperceive not anybody has this choice, and with schools closing beyond the country, this is creating actual difficult situations for abounding families. 

It’s accessible to be afflicted back grocery food are actuality rushed, contest are canceled, and we’re encouraged to break in our homes. At times like these, it helps to convenance accent administration approach for back we’re faced with what we cannot control. Actuality are a few things I will be doing:

  1. Focusing on what I can control, and demography it one footfall at a time. 
  2. Using the 54321 method that area me in the present moment – decidedly at demanding times. 
  3. Giving myself a break. 

Here are some recipes from Teomanpano blog for the canicule advanced while you're spending added time at home. I achievement they advice you accumulate active and accompany you joy. For me appropriate now, it’s about the bloom of our association as a accomplished and award joy in the little things.

Lastly, amuse apperceive that this is hardest for those who are aliment afraid and/or depend on accessible schools for childcare and their children’s meals. That’s why we’ve beatific Teomanpano accolade to the Food Coffer of NYC—the aggregation there is alive endlessly to augment those abutting to our home. For those who can at this time, I animate you to abutment your bounded aliment coffer in whatever accommodation you can. On the Feeding America website, you can chase for a aliment coffer abutting to you.

Wishing you and your ancestors bloom and assurance during this time,