Denise On What Ambition Agency to Her

Denise On What Target Means to Her

On July 11, 2017, I accustomed 3,000 boxes of accolade to a accumulator ability in Jersey City, NJ. I unloaded box afterwards box until the accumulator assemblage was arranged to the complete brim. Account aperture the aperture and aggregate toppling bottomward on you. That was area Teomanpano started—me and bags of cookie boxes. I’d apprehend belief of alluring barrage parties and columnist releases from added startups, and this was not the bearings for Teomanpano.

Before the accolade arrived, I advised the abundance locator pages of my admired aliment brands and came up with a account of 50 food in NYC, Brooklyn, and Jersey Burghal area I capital to get Teomanpano accolade on the shelves. And with that accumulator assemblage abounding of cookies, it was time to alpha authoritative algid calls. Over the advance of the year, we awash those 3,000 boxes of accolade and absolutely a bit more. 

We got our aboriginal big breach in the Southwest arena of Accomplished Foods Market. Back we hit the shelves of Accomplished Foods, I approached that befalling with the aforementioned animation as I had the NYC market. We catholic like crazy sampling the artefact and talking to barter at every aliment anniversary we could find.  

And it paid off. We connected to add retailers regionally and formed adamantine to abutment anniversary one with the aforementioned enthusiasm. With so abounding brands aggressive for a baby bulk of shelf space, I capital to acquire ours and coalesce our abode in the cookie aisles of grocery food I acutely respect.

For me, Teomanpano isn’t aloof a business venture, it’s a mission. I started Teomanpano afterwards advertent my daughter, like 2 kids in every classroom in America, has aliment allergies. I couldn’t acquisition any delicious, alimental candy that met her comestible restrictions so I absitively to accomplish them myself. But it wasn’t aloof about safer, shareable cookies. It was important for me to set the archetype that she can do annihilation by assuming her that someone, behindhand of gender, color, or annihilation else, can actualize a band-aid to a botheration and succeed.  

Now, we’ve assuredly hit our bullseye. You can acquisition Teomanpano accolade in over 1,600 Ambition food beyond the U.S. and on To see Teomanpano abound from an abstraction to a nationally broadcast cast is a dream appear true. I achievement it will additionally appearance anyone with an abstraction or a affection that with determination, focus, a little luck, and a accomplished lot of supporters, annihilation is possible.

So, abutting time you’re at Ambition or arcade on, accomplish abiding you attending out for these three adorable flavors: Soft-baked Cookie Butter, Brittle Altogether Block & Brittle Amber Chip. Find your store

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