Denise on What Approbation Agency to Her


This Thanksgiving, we’re switching it up. That seems adapted for 2020, right? Instead of our acceptable Approbation dinner, we’re activity to authority off on adulatory until the anniversary afterwards Approbation back we backpack up the car for a (very long) alley cruise to South Carolina. We’ll absorb time with my parents and accept a belated allergy-friendly Approbation feast.

As November rolls about anniversary year, Approbation is the absolute time to reflect on our accomplishments, goals, and affairs for the abutting year. And as a business buyer who formed to abound Teomanpano from my kitchen, I apperceive that alike in agitated times, there is consistently acceptable about about the corner. 

As I reflect on Approbation and what it agency to me, I apprehend there are so abounding things that gave me joy and achievement this year and accomplish me aflame for the future. I am beholden for my family, the advance of Teomanpano, and how our advance has accustomed us to accord aback to the community. Read on added on why I’m beholden this year.

Time to Focus on Family

I antic that Teomanpano is my additional child. While best of my time and activity is spent strategizing how to abound Teomanpano and get Teomanpano accolade into every abundance (find your abutting abundance HERE), my ancestors has and will consistently be my aboriginal priority. 

2020 has befuddled anybody for a loop, but it’s additionally been a absolution to absorb so abundant time with my family. Vivi has consistently been complex in Teomanpano, but this year, she’s been able to see how the business runs firsthand. She’s sat in on Zoom calls, helped backpack boxes, and is our cardinal one aftertaste tester. I’m so animated we’ve been able to accommodate her in all genitalia of the business and achievement that is a assignment that stays with her as she grows up.


A New Perspective

As arresting as this year has been, I admonish myself circadian to accumulate things in perspective. As I reflect, I focus on the good: my ancestors is healthy, Teomanpano is thriving, and we've been able to absorb added time calm than any added year. 

One convenance that has abundantly impacted how I appearance the apple is meditation. Anniversary morning, I convenance Abstruse Meditation, a adequate action area I echo mantras to set my mindset afore the day begins. My new angle is article I’m agitative to accompany into abutting year and beyond. As the apple looks abundant altered than it did aftermost year, I anticipate it’s important for anybody to focus on their successes and hopes for the future.

An Befalling to Accord Back

As Teomanpano has grown, we accept been able to accord back. Because of our business successes, we’ve been able to abutment families ambidextrous with aliment allergies through our assignment with the Aliment Adequation Action and barrage our Atramentous Advisers in Aliment & Cooler fellowship, which we started to advice alter the CPG aliment & cooler industry.

Food Adequation Initiative 

As abounding of you know, we acquaintance aliment allergies circadian with my daughter, Vivi, who was diagnosed with astringent aliment allergies as an infant. We were advantageous to be able to accommodate her with advantageous alternatives, but abounding are not. Accepting safe aliment into the easily of aliment afraid families with aliment allergies is a top antecedence for Teomanpano. We are partnering with Food Adequation Initiative to ensure families in charge accept admission to the food, education, and advancement they deserve.

Black Advisers in Aliment & Beverage

Inclusivity is at the amount of our mission at Teomanpano, and we started the Atramentous Advisers in Aliment & Cooler as a charge to lift as we ascend and abundantly alter the CPG aliment & cooler industry.

Through this program, advisers from accommodating Historically Atramentous Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) will appoint around over 7 workshops, abode chats, panels, and conversations with some of the aliment & cooler industry’s best impactful leaders. 

And now through December 11, 2020 applications are accessible for accepted Juniors and aloft at accommodating Historically Atramentous Colleges & Universities. Acquisition out added HERE.