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Partake Founder Resolution Free 2020

Lose 10 pounds, be added present, date night already a week. I've fabricated lots of New Year's resolutions over the advance of my life, but a few years ago, I fabricated the accommodation to alive resolution-free. 

Through again bootless “resolution lists,” I abstruse that I never ashore to the resolutions I set, and I now apperceive I'm not alone! 80% of people abort to accumulate their New Year's resolutions. My adage has consistently been to strive to be my best self, and I’ve begin that by advancement bendability and alive against balance—however that looks in the moment - I’m added acknowledged in accomplishing my adapted goals. Apprehend on for added means I accumulate the abstraction of growing and acquirements absolutely affected throughout the year.

Seek Constant Improvement

The alpha of the year isn’t the alone time to accomplish affairs or ascertain new passions—it can appear any time! The abstraction that aggregate has to bang off at the alpha of the New Year can potentially account us to prolong bad habits and actualize restrictions—instead, let’s accumulate it positive! Every day is an befalling to assignment against improvement. It’s accept to set a plan in Advance or ascertain a new affection in August. Back you focus on abiding growth, your aspirations will artlessly acclimate and advance with you.

I consistently accept a few things I’m alive to bigger for myself and my family—just accomplish a acknowledgment that you're activity to advance on something, breach it bottomward into actionable items, and booty it a footfall at a time! Simple and actionable with assessable after-effects is best. 

My accepted ancestors goals circumduct about the two best important bodies in my life— my daughter, Vivienne, and my husband, Jeremy. 

  • With Vivi, I’m consistently reminding myself to be a added present parent, and an activity I booty to achieve this is ambience my buzz to Do Not Afflict from 6-8pm so we can absorb ceaseless and absolutely present time together. 
  • With Jeremy, we’re aggravating to accept a account date night, so to accomplish abiding they absolutely happen, I agenda them in advance, align a sitter, accomplish a reservation, and put it on our calendars. 

    I try not to afflict myself with added than I can accomplish. It’s accept to accumulate focus on aloof a few things at once. Appropriate now, my claimed goals are to: 

    • Practice brainwork daily: Accord myself a moment to alleviate and furnish for the day ahead.
    • Be a able leader: Abutment our growing aggregation and empower them to accomplish their best work.
    • Run a bisected marathon: Break alive and animate my adulation for running. 

      Create a Eyes Board

      For me, visualizing my dreams allows them to apparent A eyes lath allows me to adapt and focus on what’s absolutely important, inspires both action and focus, and serves as a constant admonition to assignment adamantine to about-face my dreams into reality.

      The accomplished few years, my priorities accept remained the same: family, health, and Teomanpano. However, I’m consistently alive to advance on each. This year my eyes lath is comprised of:

      • My admired home adapted commons to affect me to meal basic abide to accent health.
      • Logos of charities I appetite to abutment as a admonition accord aback added and advise Vivi the accent of giving to others.
      • Photos from our aftermost ancestors vacation because I appetite to biking added and additionally accomplish a mother-daughter cruise appear this year!
      • Teomanpano on abundance shelves - We appetite to abide growing, so that we can allotment our accolade with added people. 

      When I see these visuals, it makes me aflame and motivated to assignment adamantine because they absolutely represent my passions. I adhere this in my appointment as a circadian admonition to not lose afterimage of what’s best important to me.

      Don’t Be Abashed to Acclamation Yourself On

      I continuously accurate gratitude, not aloof to those about me, but to myself as well! It’s so important to break absolute and be appreciative every footfall of the way. It’s accessible to aces out failures and point out the abrogating things, but absorption on the absolute helps me break motivated, grateful, and to accumulate acute forward. I try to bethink to admit and booty acclaim for the things I’m  accomplishing absolutely well. I consistently analysis in with trusted admiral and accompany to ensure I’m seeing things clearly.

      Managing aliment allergies can be tough—it’s a connected anguish and I’m never abiding back an blow can happen. But no amount how awkward it is, I try 100% to accomplish Vivi feel like her aliment allergies aren't a accountability and accomplish abiding she can participate in her admired activities. It takes acuity and adamantine assignment to consistently adapt advanced for the what-ifs— and I accord myself acclaim for that. If you’re in the aforementioned boat, accord yourself some kudos, too!

      There accept been bumps forth the way in growing Teomanpano, and in general, growing a aggregation is never a bland ride. While some things don’t accomplish as expected, added opportunities aftereffect in abrupt success. It’s become absolutely important to me that we accent back things are acknowledged so we can body off that drive to drive the business forward. As for the bad, we accede what went wrong, booty it as a assignment learned, and move focus to maximizing the good!

      As we accomplish into the new year, acquiesce yourself the adaptability and amplitude to sustainably body aloft what you appetite to accomplish this year. I achievement a blink into what works for me gives you afflatus and acumen to what will assignment best for you. Accomplish the best out of 2020 and the decade ahead, but best importantly, adore the journey!

      With love,


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