Denise’s Admired Cookbooks

Denise's Favorite Cookbooks

I adulation creating—cooking included! Back my daughter, Vivi, was diagnosed with several aliment allergies and I begin the articles on shelves advancing up abbreviate on acidity and high-quality ingredients, it was my adulation of affable and baking that led me to acquisition the band-aid in my own kitchen. 

When it comes to cooking, I’m consistently attractive for the abutting and best afflatus for healthy, allergy-friendly indulgent recipes. In 2020, I aim to baker added and actualize appetizing commons that are abounding of nutrients and soul. These cookbooks are my accepted go-tos for artistic account and meal prep. I achievement they affect you, too!


The Seasoned Life by Ayesha Curry

The Acclimatized Activity by Ayesha Curry 

Ayesha Back-scratch is #goals. She’s bottomward to earth, relatable, and knows acceptable food. This cookbook is one of my favorites, not aloof for the adorable recipes, but for the belief abaft anniversary compound that accord you a glimpse into her bright life. I adulation the array of cuisines that are alloyed calm in this book, and I absolutely acknowledge that the recipes are adjustable and acquiesce for substitutes to board Vivi’s allergies.

Favorite Recipe: Oven Broiled Craven Tenders


Healthier Together by Liz Moody

Healthier Calm by Liz Moody

I’ve consistently beheld aliment as a way of bringing bodies together, so I absolutely adulation that this book promotes association and encourages aggregation back you aim to eat healthier. It’s so abundant easier back you don’t accept to do it alone! Liz takes the abundance aliment we crave, puts a advantageous circuit on them with simple swaps for added veggies grain-free ingredients, and turns them into alimentative meals. 

Favorite Recipe: Way Added Veggies Bolognese


Inspiralized and Beyond by Ali Maffucci

Inspiralized and Above by Ali Maffucci

I’m consistently attractive for new means to absorb added vegetables into our ancestors meals. I adulation the artistic twists Ali puts on veggies to accomplish them fun and enjoyable. From spiralizing carrots into noodles, to slicing candied potatoes as a acknowledgment replacement, I abide to be afraid by how Ali transforms veggies. 

 Favorite Recipe: Any-Veggie Tots


An Allergy Mom’s Lifesaving Instant Pot Cookbook by Megan Lavin

An Abhorrence Mom’s Lifesaving Burning Pot Cookbook by Megan Lavin

As a mom of a adolescent with aliment allergies, I’m consistently tweaking recipes to accomplish them safe for Vivi. I adulation that this cookbook is abounding of quick and accessible recipes that are carefully curated to be chargeless of the top 8 allergens. It’s absolutely a charity on active days—nothing beats throwing all the capacity into one pot and accepting banquet accessible in minutes!

Favorite Recipe: Chili Adhesive Craven Tacos with Mexican Rice


Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Cooking by Maangchi

Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Affable by Maangchi

I grew up on my mother’s Korean food—from her bootleg kimchi, to the ambrosial stews, cartilage broth, and porridge, it’s the ultimate abundance food. Back affective abroad from home, Korean aliment is consistently what I absence most. Maangchi’s recipes are attainable to accomplish and consistently hit the spot. Alike admitting it’s not my mom’s cooking, the flavors are so accustomed and sentimental! Korean affable can be alarming with the bubble of capacity in every dish, but Maangchi makes it attainable and covers all the basics with photos to advice cross capacity you may accept never acclimated before.

Favorite Recipe: Kimchi Jigae


Black Girl Baking by Jerrelle Guy

Black Babe Baking by Jerrelle Guy

Jerrelle and I allotment Southern, African American roots so these recipes authority a appropriate abode in my heart. My Grandma on my Dad’s ancillary fabricated the best, best corrupt Southern desserts. Afterward Jerrelle’s adventure through her adventures with aliment is absolutely inspiring. Her recipes are counterbalanced as she recreates accustomed broiled appurtenances with cleaner ingredients, like accomplished atom flours and beneath aesthetic sugar. I additionally adulation that there are so abounding vegan alternatives gluten-free options, too!

Favorite Recipe: Honey Buns


I achievement these cookbooks ablaze you up as abundant as they do me. Accepting these accessible makes time in the kitchen added fun, curtains into heartwarming memories from my childhood, and helps me actualize added abiding memories with my family. I achievement they do the aforementioned for you! 


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