8 Questions with the Dads of Teomanpano

Partake - Questions To Ask Dad on Father's Day

As parents, it’s accessible to get bent up in the base of parenting, work, and aggregate in between. Canicule that celebrate parenthood are admirable reminders to booty a footfall aback and appreciate the role and how accepting accouchement has shaped us.

This Father’s Day, we’re adulatory all the dads starting with the admiring dads abaft Teomanpano Foods—Jeremy Woodard, Denise's husband, and Arthur Glover, Denise's dad.

Jeremy and Arthur have supported Teomanpano Foods back Day 1—when Denise larboard her about decade-long career at CocaCola to make foods that her babe with aliment allergies, and those like her, could cautiously and confidently enjoy.

We sat bottomward with Jeremy and Arthur to allocution about hasty moments in fatherhood, actuality #girldads, and their admired Father's Day presents. 

Jeremy, Denise's Husband

From Teomanpano’s bearing in 2016 to now, Jeremy supports Denise as she grows the business. While alive a ambitious full-time job himself, he tag teams with Denise as they alter their active ancestors agenda and continues to be Teomanpano's better cheerleader—often lending a allowance hand!

Jeremy and Denise are actual advised in their parenting and aim to affect Vivi by assuming her all abandon of the entrepreneur's journey. Jeremy says that, "Denise and I advance a artistic ambiance at home. We try to always allocution about the ambitious things we're alive on so Vivi believes she can absolutely do annihilation she puts her apperception to as she grows up."

Who’s your better role model?

My own father!

What parenting acquaint did you apprentice from your ancestor and grandfather? 

I abstruse at an aboriginal age the ability of a absolute mindset. 

What has afraid you the best about actuality a dad?  

How generally kids accept to be told to eat their food. Lol.

How has actuality a ancestor aggressive you? 

Being a ancestor has aggressive me to be added present in every moment, whether big or small. 

What would Vivi say is her admired affair to do with you? 

A absolute day with Vivi is abounding play! Whether it be arena games, activity to the park, or both. 

Arthur, Denise's Dad

Denise's parents met while her dad was confined across in the U.S. Army. Already he larboard the army, they acclimatized in Fayetteville, NC and he became a barter disciplinarian with his apperception set on starting his own trucking business one day. He fabricated that dream a absoluteness and runs his own baby trucking business in Fayetteville. As an ambitious parent, Arthur gave Denise the drive to accomplish and the ability of how to finer abound a business. 

What words of acumen would you accord addition dad?

Try to alive your activity in a way to appearance a absolute example. Assignment adamantine every day, account your family, and be a law constant citizen. Be a acceptable person. Bethink that kids don't consistently do what you say, but they will chase your actions. 

What has fatherhood meant to you? How has it shaped your life? 

I assignment adamantine for my family. Accouterment for them has consistently been my priority. Fatherhood has fabricated me strive to be a abundant being and break out of trouble. ::laughs:: I achievement to leave a absolute bequest for my family—not alone in actual backing but in character.

What is the best Father's Day allowance you've received? 

The day Denise was born has been a allowance that I admire everyday, not aloof on Father's Day.

Offer accurate through 6/30/2021.